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I read the introduction to the Trinity Delusion website (in the article “About” the Trinity Delusion), and I couldn’t help but notice that the author (Kel) had a past in some ways parallel to mine, in that both of us were raised in Trinitarian churches.  However, unlike Kel, the doctrine of the Trinity was not an “an unquestioned central belief of mine” from childhood, nor did I defend it with “a zealous fervor.”  Instead, I had plenty of questions about it from at least my teenage period.  Like Kel, I began to research this doctrine; unlike Kel, who had a turnaround where he reversed his beliefs regarding the Trinity (apparently between 2001 and 2003), I did not.  Over time, I concluded that the Trinity doctrine is the best explanation that the Church has come up with for the biblical data.

The titles of the site pages on this website closely resemble the titles of the articles on the Trinity Delusion website which I am refuting.  In my articles I provide the portions of Kel’s arguments that I think sum up his main points and then provide my responses to them.  Kel’s site address is www. trinity.html.

To see my responses to Kel’s arguments, click on

Trinitarian Scholars on John 1:1 in the blog posts section on the left to see that the Word is God;

John 1:18 to see more proof that Jesus is God;

John 5:18 to see proof that Jesus showed himself equal to God;

John 8:58 to see that Jesus asserted he exists outside of time;

John 17:5 to see that Jesus was with the Father before the world existed;

John 20:28 to see Jesus accept the title of God;

Revelation 1:17 to see Jesus claim more titles of God;

Colossians 1 to see that Jesus created all things;

Hebrews 1 to see even more Divine attributes that Jesus has;

Genesis 1:26 to see that verse 26 really does hint at the Trinity;

Romans 9:5 and Romans 10:13 to see the success of other Trinitarian arguments and the failure of arguments against them.

Also click on Mark 10:18 and 1 Timothy 2:5 to see how Kel’s biblical arguments against Jesus’ Divinity fail, and click on other titles (such as God Identifies Himself as One Person?) to see the weaknesses of other arguments against the Trinity.

My responses as you are reading this only address Kel’s website as it appeared in the summer of 2017; I have not followed any updates or new articles he may have there now. If I do, I will make a note of it in the title of the new article.

My website has been created primarily to give people who read Kel’s arguments but may not have the time or inclination to research them a set of arguments supporting the Trinity doctrine which are not identical to the “pro-Trinity” arguments Kel refutes on his website.  The secondary goal of this website is to give Kel an opportunity to defend assertions like the following:

“I found all our (pro-Trinity) evidence to be nothing but cleverly contrived interpretations, cherry-picked manuscript variants, obviously biased and unlikely translations, and disingenuous philosophical rationalizations and fallacies, all expressly designed to suit the doctrine of the Trinity.” – About the Trinity Delusion

“There are only two ways of being a Trinity believer: (1) ignorance of Scriptural facts, and/or (2) dishonesty regarding the facts. If you are aware of the facts, it is impossible to be honest with yourself as a Trinitarian.” – About the Trinity Delusion

If all pro-Trinity evidences are “nothing but cleverly contrived interpretations, cherry-picked manuscript variants” that means that Kel has seen all of the pro-Trinity evidence I present in my responses and has answers for them.  If so, I did not see these answers or even many of my arguments on his website.  I would like to offer Kel an opportunity to bring these answers forth.

In this website I have not responded to everything brought up on the Trinity Delusion site but only what I regard as the central arguments.  Once I began to run into what seemed to be repetitions or re-wordings of arguments I already dealt with, I brought the initial preparatory phase of my response to a conclusion.

For those of you who have read from the Trinity Delusion website or listened to Kel’s YouTube presentations, I invite you to compare what he says with what I am saying and weigh the value of these arguments in your own minds.